Furniture without colour is like a day without music. It is through colour that I instill a soul in every item, by dressing my elegant wooden bodies with refined coatings. Their identity is Sicilian in every possible way, just like mine, although permeated with the influences of my multiple journeys, and with my cultural and stylistic contaminations.


Harmony in a space is the result of all its details. A long creative process and devoted attention to the details must ultimately be able to express the comfort of a living space and the natural state of feeling at home.


With a woman’s brain and a designer’s hand, each trait of my projects is meant to be useful, and also dreamed to be beautiful. Each piece of furniture in our homes or workplaces, besides welcoming us in a style we love, should be helpful and comfortable in our daily lives.

Furniture for all spacesVersatility

If they are beautiful and functional, all pieces of furniture can become versatile. I love to think that each item of my collections can be used in many different contexts, in a living room or in a study room alike, discovering each time a different identity, and revealing a totally unique and special aspect of its personality.


Thanks to my experience in customized furniture design, I have gained over the years the privilege to consult for architects and interior designers. Within the uniqueness of each project, we create together the uniqueness of furniture pieces, not only those belonging to my collections, but also the ones we select from other quality brands, so that we can always find the best solutions for each living space. That's a collaboration experience that I am ready to repeat for new professionals and projects, with the desire to invent new shapes and fulfill new dreams.

The creative process

There is always both instinct and reason, both imagination and analysis, in each creative process that wants to be original as well as practical. The thread which links the first idea to the actual design is subtle, but that is the starting point of long precision work, guarantee of authenticity and quality.
  • IDEA

Just like in fairy tales, my ideas show up at night time, when imagination sits comfortably in the mind rooms and interacts with reality, taking it to a higher level. Daily observation and the desire to find the best solution, suddenly flow into an image that I quickly sketch on a piece of paper: that is -usually- exactly what I was looking for, what gives meaning to my project.

Every image needs to be perfected through an endless series of details. Sizes, proportions and, above all, finishes, materials, colours and processing, turn the idea into a project, ready to be handed over to those who will create an object out of it.

From my sketches, experienced artisans of wood, iron, fabrics, leathers and decorations start their thorough work: they all share with me the same passion and that meticulous attention to nuances which eventually make the difference. On each prototype, we work together in order to highlight its qualities and eliminate its flaws, until we are fully satisfied because we have reached the desired results.

The inspiration, the precision and the connection with people who work by my side, are all elements that contribute to bring to life creatures which immediately express their charming and mature personality. The artisanal work is what makes each creation original and each piece unique in its own way. All my collections breathe like a living soul, capable to create a continuous relationship with the surrounding space.

Our services

In our lives, it is paramount to feel fully at ease in the space that surrounds us, from which we absorb the care of those who designed it around us, and for us. This awareness guides me in designing my furniture and in creating harmony in living spaces.
A comprehensive consulting service in furnishing homes and workplaces, along with the option of customized design, allows me to offer at all times the best solutions to the specific needs of each customer.


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Marie Maison Sicilian Design inherits thirty years of experience in the field of interior design, by both selecting quality objects and accessories, and creating original and artisanal collections, which in turn foster a work of consulting and customized design. The attention to details, the choice of prestigious materials and the precious collaboration with knowledgeable masters, are all factors that contribute to creating an original and distinctive style.