The ace of Coins represents the unpredictability of the gifts we receive in our lives. The one of Swords is its opposite, the risk we need to defy and overpass. The ace of Clubs means fire, the incarnation of strength, the energy it creates. The one of Cups represents instead the source of wisdom, the cornucopia of inspiration and emotion. The cards that become the face of my most representative line are like paintings, on which colour bestows power and vitality; in my furniture, these traits are balanced with elegance, thanks to the refined mother-of-pearl coating on wood supported by slightly baroque shapes.



Marie Maison Sicilian Design inherits thirty years of experience in the field of interior design, by both selecting quality objects and accessories, and creating original and artisanal collections, which in turn foster a work of consulting and customized design. The attention to details, the choice of prestigious materials and the precious collaboration with knowledgeable masters, are all factors that contribute to creating an original and distinctive style.