Table lamp “Ciuri Ciuri”

Flowers are the light of the world. They make our home more beautiful, our gifts more sincere, our steps safer, but above all they illuminate – in the simplest way – the clear evidence that we are always connected to nature and its generosity.
The colors with which they surround are the language of this miracle: this is why I chose them so dense and deep to embroider them on these lamps that have the name of the flowers, not just any name but the one we use in Sicily to indicate our confidence, the our familiarity with the rhythm of their flowering.
I imagine them coming alive in every room, like the blossoming of a new light, capable of reviving our time.

Table lamp “Ciuri Ciuri” with metal stem in satin color gold. Lampshade in cotton fabric embroidered and trimmings in guinea fowl feathers

Measurement / W 11” L 11” H 28”


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