The act of furnishing is a long process and detail work, but when it’s well done, it becomes almost invisible and hidden behind the final result: the well-being and natural state of feeling at home, immersed in a space resembling us. This is why my collections resemble me — a prickly pear, they say, whose beauty is protected by a few thorns. I have always had a liking for classical taste, yet I want my pieces to suit any space, from antique furniture items to modern ones, by expressing their unique and distinctive style.

creazioni le bolle


Marie Maison Sicilian Design inherits thirty years of experience in the field of interior design, by both selecting quality objects and accessories, and creating original and artisanal collections, which in turn foster a work of consulting and customized design. The attention to details, the choice of prestigious materials and the precious collaboration with knowledgeable masters, are all factors that contribute to creating an original and distinctive style.